Raver 2014 on Great Stuff Records

Raver 2014 on Great Stuff Records

We're very excited to partner up with the amazing Great Stuff Records in Germany for the 2014 release of Ridney's track "Raver"

“Raver” takes things down a peak-time route, featuring an in-your-face piano loop, a bouncy groove with big builds and heavy oldschool-esque drops. A funk fueled sub-bassline is placed below the mesmerizing vocal snippets. “Raver” is drawing on multiple dance floor genres and will find it’s home in a wide variety of sets.

The original was a firm favourite with both Tommie Sunshine & James Zabiela (who opened a number of DJ sets with it!).

1. Original
2. Modek Remix
3. Macromism Remix
4. The Japanese Popstars Remix

Here's James Zabiela starting his DJ sets with "Raver"