Tales Of A Frustrated Electronic Artist ... Using iTunes

Tales Of A Frustrated Electronic Artist ... Using iTunes

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Apple ... iTunes ...
Love it, hate it - I guess we can all agree its up there with the biggest marketplaces on the internet for selling ones musical creations - no matter what genre of music you produce.

For me, as an electronic music producer, it's that place producers and music makers need to have their catalogue listed - outside of the traditional electronic specialist digital stores (e.g. Beatport, Traxsource etc) for the mass market.

Releasing a New Track
One of the key things a musician/producer will do releasing a new track is naturally link from the iTunes store to their social accounts. A common thing to do is upload a clip or official music video YouTube with a hyperlink to the store in the description. Fingers and toes crossed a handful of listeners may wish to purchase the track on iTunes.

Default = Stream
This is where the problems begin ... I noticed when re-testing a link this week that traditional iTunes store hyperlinks now default to the £9.99 a month Apple Music, rather than the store ... WTF?!?

Whats the problem there I hear you say?
Well, according to recent reports, Apple are suggesting future streaming costs (proposed from 2018 onwards) could be as little as $0.00091. A whopping $910 for a million streams(!!)
Naturally the smaller artists (especially electronic artists such as myself) will hit an all time low.


I guess this continues to beg the question ...
I know ... sucks doesn't it :(

Store Not Stream
After a quick bit of searching, I found an interesting article which shows a way to point Apple links back to the store (instead of default Apple Music), continuing to earn a smidge more from a download than a stream ... if only for the time being.


The Future
Streaming is the future, I get that - but I do fear that many amazing producers will slowly leave the electronic scene because they just can't afford to survive on such small incomes.
Could this be the reason the market is flooded with low budget productions and covers ... ?

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Blogged - Thur 21st July